Therapeutic yoga aims at healing the mind, body and the spirit holistically .The aim is to bring in the benefits of yoga through various practices of Asanas, breathing techniques and meditation. Yoga is known to improve strength, immunity, and balance along with physiological wellness.

Yoga always complements other forms of wellness and healthcare both conventional and alternative. And that’s exactly what we do here at Navam.

At Navam, our in house yoga trainers will chart out the right mix of yoga tools to suit you. Each person has different strengths and weaknesses along with varying levels of health and fitness. So depending on the physical and health conditions, the yogic routine would be carefully planned out .The different levels of experience with yoga also needs to be considered, whether you are a beginner or already a practitioner of yoga .

There is no better stress buster than practicing the surya Namaskar overlooking the ocean. The Pranayama routines in the beautiful open spaces will bring in fresh life into your body .The calm and serene atmosphere at Navam, is the perfect place to meditate and delve deep into your inner self. Meditation is the technique of resting the mind. Sitting silently by the seaside will in itself take you into a state of mindfulness. Guiding the mind to a particular path is not easy, but there lies the answer to most human problems. Your stay at Navam will give you that opportunity to look, find and verify what is within you.


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