Navam offers its guests a full range of Natural and Ayurvedic treatments.

Whether it is a medical condition that needs attention or a cleansing detox, one could find the right mix of treatments put together. Ayurveda works by the concept of Tridosha which is basically the physic-biological properties. Our therapeutic retreats aim at correcting any imbalance in these Dosha. Correcting the Dosha and creating a balanced state is the basic target of the holistic treatments at Navam. The right combination of healing treatments for the guest is charted out by the doctor during consultation. Our qualified and experienced doctor and his team bring in the right mix of herbal, natural, Ayurvedic routines and treatments. Once the diagnosis of the Prakruti (Body Nature) and Vikruti (Imbalance) is made, the treatment program is charted out for the duration of the stay. The program is always designed with the aim to restore the equilibrium of Dosha, to restore physical strength and calm the mind.

The diet plan is also charted based on the health conditions, the treatment plan, the weather conditions and the package duration. The guests are given consultation advice to continue the right lifestyle approach to be followed even after they go back. At Navam we believe in achieving true health through a holistic approach targeting physical, social, mental well being. The quest for optimal health and wellness makes the stay at Navam an education on lifestyle changes and self care. The holistic healthcare and treatments aim to treat the “whole” person and not just symptoms and ailments. The therapeutic treatments are an approach that strives for wholeness and healthy living. All the right elements of treatments, place, people, food and nature put together at Navam create the right blend to give the guests the most blissful experiences to take back.

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