Healthy Cusine

Healthy Cuisine



We are what we eat. According to Ayurveda the process of eating is something reverent and important not just for physical health but for the development of consciousness too. In todays times we are standing , walking or driving our way through a meal .To process and absorb the nutrients from a meal , our bodies need a settled and uplifting environment . And thats what you will find at Navam. The right food in the right environment. With most of the produce, sourced daily from the local farmers market , your food is fresh and safe. Using the simplest of ingredients, food is cooked in the most holistic and traditional methods .The traditional cooking methods preserve the key nutrients in the food. The right food cooked and eaten the Ayurvedic way along with other wellness routines goes a long way in cleansing the system.

The diet is determined to suit individuals need. During the healing retreat the diet is customized and food combinations are put together by the doctor or in house dietician. Ayurveda diet is all about incorporating the six tastes or the six qualities to find the perfect balance within oneself. There is no hard and fast rule. Once you find the correct balance with the personalized diet its an open door with all health benefits.

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